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Rainy Friday

The other side of my brain is telling me not to wake up, go back to sleep for few more hours and send a message to my supervisor that I can’t go to work, I can hear the heavy pouring of rain outside and that makes me want to go back to bed and rest. But in reality, I’m here at work and chilling’ on my table on a lunch break. It’s still raining outside and I’m having a heavy heart that if it continue till late afternoon, I will be having a hard time going home again! Oh my, I don’t want to think I’m stepping on the dirty flood waters again and my clothes soaking wet. Last night, I wake up having a pain feeling on my left ear and I jumped on my medicine drops my EENT doctor prescribed to me the last time I complained about it. It helps a lot. That’s one problem I always encountered during rainy season and I really don’t like it.

It’s Friday and I’m supposed to do some grocery shopping after work. I just wish I still have the energy to stop by at SM or Puregold to shop later.

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