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First Party

It was the 7th birthday party of a colleague’s daughter that baby Nathan attended last May 28. He’s very first birthday party, and he’s really looking good in his cowboy outfit. The party was at The Creamery in Mall of Asia and I’m having a second thought before that because it’s raining and I’m thinking baby Nathan might get sick. But we went there 3 hours before the party time so we have time to buy gift for Denise.

The foods were great and the games were educational, the first I have seen from the hundreds of children party I attended. But the most of all, baby Nathan is learning to experience many things around him. And we think that he’s really enjoying his time at the mall.

the cute stuffed toys souvenir and party cup cakes :)

the birthday celebrant, Denise (in her cowgirl outfit)

looking handsome in his cowboy outfit

with Mommy!

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1 shared their thoughts:

Charenn29 said...

the cute stuffed toys souvenir and party cup cakes are so cool. i want to have some. :)