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Fully Booked

August is my birth month and I can’t think of a day during my special day that it’s not raining.  Our local bureau said that we have a couple of strong typhoon entering our country and most likely the landfall will be on August 7, my birthday.  Oh well, I hope it will not ruin our plans that day and the weather will spare me from getting wet.  Hmm… I can’t help but to think that I’m getting a year older again.  But aside from some petty family problems, I am happy now that we have baby Nathan, hubby is in good company and starting a new life at work there and we can do whatever we want during weekends and with Nathan can now join us. 


I just want to start this month eyeing on many opportunities that may come our way.  My brother will come home this August 4, his twins will celebrate their 4th birthday on August 6, and my Mom’s birthday will be on August 23. See, were fully booked this month. But next month will mark the start of BER months and the countdown to Christmas but Nathan’s birthday will come first :)


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