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Easy Assignments

Aubrey often asked me to help her with her school assignments. But when she reached high school she learned to do it alone and I thought she’s getting smarter everyday. But when she really can’t do it she cries for help and that is the only time it’s about time to rescue my niece. At first, she had a hard time making an essay. It really bothers her that her works should get a high grades to maintain her position in their class top 5. That’s the time I told her to explore around the internet since she knows to do it on her own. She gladly informs me that there are a lot of free essays to choose from and she can even study some of them for future assignments.

I’m happy that my niece is becoming a responsible teen ager. She’s now good in writing especially on essays and also on her music skills. She participates in school activities and has been elected as class officer. She always updates me with her school performances and sometimes I can’t help but to feel proud that I’m a part of her achievements in life. I just wish she can continue in focusing on her studies. I will always be here if she needed her Aunt’s help.

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