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September Typhoon

Luzon was battered by super typhoon named Pedring just today. For our own safety it is up to us if we want to go to our office but the government already declared no classes in all levels and non working day for all government offices. I wake up at my usual time in the morning and I’m having second thought in going to the office since it so scary to go out because of the winds and rains. But I sealed my choice to stay home when I found out that hubby has fever and he was chilling though it’s quite hot because we have no electricity. I immediately wake him up and let him take medicine for fever.

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The network coverage of all cell phone company were down the whole morning and I was worried for my family in our old house since my sister said the night before that strong winds can blow our 3rd floor roofs away. But I was able to call my sister and they survived the storm, thank God for that. Some areas in Manila and nearby provinces were not that lucky like us in the high lands and they feared that the history from last year’s Ondoy tragedy will happened again. Good thing that our fellow men learned from the mistakes and they are now alert and listen to officials when they need to evacuate. In times like this you will also see how Filipinos help each other and nothing can beat the heart of those who volunteer in a calamity like this.

The local bureau said that Pedring will exit from Philippines tonight but we are still experiencing heavy rains. I hope it will be over. Nathan still got colds, he is irritated on what he feels but I hope he and hubby will get well soon.

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