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My niece sent me a message late this afternoon that deeply saddens me. My old pet Hedwig falls from the stairs from the rooftop to the second floor. They didn’t know what or how did it happened but my sister only finds out when she’s looking for our dog to feed him and she found him at the rooftop lying in the floor soaking wet from the rain and unable to move. She said she saw Hedwig walking in pain but today is different, she was crying in pain every time they tried moving her in a better place.

My mom said she saw him eating well when my sister gave her the food she brought from our home. But now my niece said she doesn’t move anymore and she seems like dying. My heart really aches and I cant help but to think on how can she fall from the stairs like that. Hedwig is my loyal dog who watches over me every time of the day when I’m still living in our family home in Pasay. As much as I wanted to bring her with me when I got married, I can’t and I left her with my sisters so she can guard them since they are all girls in that house when my Dad stayed in our Laguna house and my only brother went to Qatar.

I don’t know what to do to ease her pain. I want to bring her to the vet clinic but they might recommend putting her to sleep since she’s old and they can’t do anything if there are broken bones. Tomorrow, I will visit her in our house and will talk to her heart to heart. I know she will listen. If she’s hurting much, it’s time to let her go and send her to the rainbow bridge. If she can still make it, I will be forever grateful. She will always be loved till the day that she needs to move on. God knows.

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