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Next Level

I dare to move on to the next level in baking. I was inspired by the sites of the young bakers that earning big with just doing it in the safety of their homes. But I still need a lot of studies, a bit of training and test cooking, I need to do lots of research and most of all, I need to spend thousands of money for the things I still needed to have a complete set of baking utensils.

I really love to bake; it’s my frustration next from being a chef. I don’t want to think that I took a wrong course in college when I didn’t pursue to take HRM and instead settled and took a Business Management degree. I know I have that passion for the course but the reality was always there that it is one of the expensive courses in college. And my sister and brother can’t afford to spent and pushed a little more because there were 3 of us still studying that time. Anyways, I continue pursuing that inner dream of mine even though I’m not working in a 5 star hotel or running my own restaurant. I cook with the people I love and they appreciate it.

So now, I made some banana cupcakes and tried to put a whip on the top. Yes, I dare to make the icing for the first time and it looks good! My in law said it taste good and though eating sweets on the banana cupcakes is her first time, she said it blends well with the not so sweet cupcakes. I did it! I just need to practice doing the icing on the bread but that I can manage on the next bakes that I will make.

So take a look on my new creation. And I promised my Mom I make lots of it in different types of cupcakes this Christmas. And I think I know what will be my next wish list to hubby, a pastry blender. Ha-ha!

Looks yummy right? :)

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