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Longest Celebration

Time really flies and its BER months again.  I can see some early Christmas decorations on sale in the malls and some few stores having an early display.  Well, Philippines is well known on celebrating the longest Christmas ever and it’s the most awaited event of the year.  

Our hands are full on the coming months including Nathan’s first birthday and hubby said we shouldn’t forget our anniversary celebration.  He plans to celebrate it out of town but I want to concentrate more on Nathan’s upcoming party.  And I guess he will agree on that.


I’m having a heavy heart now in my work.  Few people just can’t seem to please and that we can’t explain why.  I’ve been in this job for almost 8 years now and I’ve learned to just do what my work requires me to do and shut down all the negative vibes coming my way. I just wish we can work on harmonious way but I guess some people don’t even know the meaning of that word. 


It’s Friday again and after a long weekend last week that we spent on going out, I hope I can rest well this time.  But with Nathan around who seems to forget how to get tired, good luck to us.  Happy Weekend to all!


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