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Off Peak Outing

My mind tells me not to go to our company outing last Saturday because it’s only a whole day affair plus hours of long travel but a part of me wants to go to this new resort in Cavite. I urged an office mate that is also hesitating to join that time and she obliged so I have all the reasons to go too. I prepare my things that night and wish to have fun because I’ll be exchanging one precious day playing and being with my son, Nathan when I decided to go.

Tanza Oasis beach resort looks great. I can feel the nice ambiance of the place and the excitement of every one to dip in the cold pool. The weather was not that hot but the humid breeze from the sea makes you feel sticky and lazy to move around. We had a usual company games and like before they asked me to join the tug of war game for females and we lost. I just don’t know where on earth they’ve got that extra strength that they’ve easily pulled us and I can feel my hand aching when I let go of the rope. I really felt weak after that.

My SLR camera works overtime and we just enjoyed every place we can find and did some fun shots. Though we never swim in the brown sea water (due to heavy rains) we did some funny jump shots and it was quite a scenes. But I enjoyed our outing. I’m not quite happy that I still got a dark skin even though I put a lot of sun block lotion before playing volley ball. Oh well, I can't have all the luck :)

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