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Sick :(

I thought I can get away when most of the people around me are getting sick one by one. I can only pray that it will never happen to me but I was wrong. I got sick and it really makes me weak. I can’t take care of Nathan because he might get the virus and bacteria and good thing hubby is here to take charge. Nate’s grandmas are out to attend some important occasions and we were left to stay at home. Hubby is quite tired to go out for the first time and when he realize that it’s weekend and we should enjoy our rest days, it was too late, my colds is getting worst and I’m having cough also. Not just that, due to colds and having a little sleep, my head is aching all the time! I can only cry. And when I tried to stop Nathan from falling from the bed, something happens to my neck and suddenly I have this painful stiff neck! Talk about being lucky.

I hope I can better now that I’m starting to drink my medicine. I hate being like this. I’m hoping I can get well soon.

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