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Plants and Flowers atbp.

The bazaar held in my mother place in Laguna last Saturday was quite successful for the first timers' concessionaire like my sister. Few hours later after we established the entire flower and plants for sale, a woman asked for the roses and she bought 7 pots on the spot without bargaining the price. When my father and sister assists her to the car, she deserves to be called rich. Her car is amazing! =)

I stayed for few more hours in their store and told my sis I need to go back to the house because I'm starting to feel the chill i had inside since I woke up that morning. I've got a worst case of tonsillitis; my whole body is aching (first day of the "red" day) and my body temperature was 38 degrees. Yes, I know, I am sick again. And it doesn't feel good at all. Though my mom said I needed to stay there till Sunday so I can rest, I told them I just rest at home and let hubby do his duty as caring husband (hehehe)

And here I am, alone in our room, nursing a headache and feeling dizzy. I hope i can go back to my hubby place again before our Christmas party this Friday.

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