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Rush! Rush!

I can't believe its actually raining! Good thing we already bought all the things we needed and we may not go back at the market again ( I hope!) Suddenly, i felt really really tired. Since I wake up early this morning and the moment we stepped inside our house back from the market, I've been working non-stop preparing foods for Noche Buena. But its okay, I enjoy cooking for them. And i need to make it good!

Hubby wants me to go out with him today. He said he'll by me my Christmas gift. But i want to sleep. Thinking I'll b doing lots of stuffs in the kitchen, makes me feel tired again. And he has another job for me to do, wrapping his little gifts for his office mates. Whew! But they're cute though.... see?

Well, got some great news from the office! January 2 is now officially a non-working holiday! Wow!, long vacation indeed! Clap!clap!clap!

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