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Too Much Medicines

With the throbbing head and the ear that pains every time I laugh and talk aloud, I know I needed to take some medicines to ease the burden. But I'm so sick and tired in taking different kinds of medicines and I been doing it the whole year when I was sick. I felt drugged all over. Fruits juice and water won't help, i don't know what's with my immunity system that repels them and instead wanted be to get drugged.

Hubby wanted me to rest at home today but he can't stay either, leaving me all alone in the room. So i decided I should return to work though I'm really weak and my head ache really bothers me. I really really hate it.

I had a chance to see my 3 high school friends last night, and i can't say no to them when they picked me up in our house to pay a visit to the funeral of the father of my another high school classmate. They got a car and they won't leave till I'm with them. I hardly see them and hubby allowed me to go and reminded me to bring the jacket. After we left the funeral, we decided to move in at McDonalds and we relived all happy and sad moments we had during high school days and talking about our life now. I realized how they missed all my clown moments, how they laugh with all my corny jokes, and i felt that small area in McDo will burst out together with our laughter. I never felt sick at all that time. I'm so happy i got that precious time with them coz i know we all have our own family now. Too great our hubby's were so understanding. We got up there at 11:30pm - imagine that! I told hubby that they are the best buddies i had in school. Too bad though, i forgot to bring my camera, but i got here a recent picture (we're not complete that time) taken last Nov. 15 when we attended the 7th birthday party of Emy's (the one wearing white blouse) daughter at Max's.

Though the years, we seldom see each other a lot. But meeting them - i sometimes felt we are in the same classroom all over again.

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