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Its In The Air

Christmas is nearing. I can feel the cool air whenever I stepped out of our house. Hubby feels it too, he never bothers me to open the aircon because he always complains that it's hot. Now, he settles to our electric fan and it's stil cold. Though the sun shines every morning, I never feel like sweating.... the air is cold enough for me to remember that it's hot.

I still yet to complete my gifts shopping. I was too sick for the last few days and malling today is like you want to give yourself a massive head ache. Too crowded. I just hope i have enough time this weekend to finish it all.

Vince is so cute in this picture. Whenever i said to him that he should be serious in my every shot for i will used it here in my blog, he would pose with his dazzling smile. And yes, my sister completed her gifts.

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1 shared their thoughts:

milet said...

hurray! hurray pr2 na naman blog mo.