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Life begins at 40

Today is my Ate Lhen's 40th birthday. Yes, i know she's so proud that she reached the age of 40 being healthy, jolly, cheerful and most of all - the kindest ate i know. We gave her a party last Saturday and we fulfilled her childhood dreams - of having a children party she once dreamed off (haha!) And so, me and my youngest sister planned for this, with the cake, balloons, tables and chairs, banners and lots of food. And she was really surprised! We can see the big smile she had on her face when she saw the set-ups in the garden and i'm so happy for her.

Giving all the credit for the love, support, being the eldest in our family, Ate Lhen was the one who really helped me to get through the college finances. She's one of the kind. We had a lot of arguments and been through rough times but at the end of it all, blood is really thicker than water.

I just want to wish her good health and happiness. As she said - life begins at 40, she can be sure i will support her all though out. Happy Birthday Ate Lhen! and you know that I and jhon loves you.

a yummy feast!
she's really 40!

with my niece -Francine,Aunt and cousin

fullfilling her wish... balloons!

a gift from a family friend - Lechon!

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