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Rainy Friday

I woke up feeling cold and I knew that moment that it was raining hard outside. This are the times when you don't want to get up from bed and you wished its weekend so you can go back to sleep. But no, it's not yet weekend and just Friday = (

What's the plan this weekend? My family will join the bazaar this weekend ( I don't know how they can make up the sales since it's raining) and my father will be selling variety of plants and flowers. I'm excited 'coz it's their first time and we will try our luck in selling. A dazzling smile to the customer will help (ha!ha!)

Hubby won't be able to come with me tonight (huwaaah!). He has to finish the training session for his newly hired engineer tomorrow but he asked me If I can go back on Saturday night (missing me? =) and - of course I will.

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