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It's Time

Whew! I never noticed that my last post is way back 6 days ago. It's been a very busy week for me. Lot's of party preparations, last minute shopping, nursing my unfailing colds and flu, wrapping gifts and working all day. And here I am still awake though my eyes seem to close any time now. I just finished my graham cake (by request) and I still want to watch one more episode of my fave US TV series "One Tree Hill". But since I actually had my way to file a leave of absence tomorrow, I might save the marathon watching on the coming days. Lucky for us (employees), we have an 8 days vacation till January 1! Imagine that!

We still need to wake up very early today (since it's officially Dec. 24 now) to go to the market and bump my way out to buy the best pork, beef, chicken and veggies I needed.

By request again, menu for tonight will be; buko pandan salad, baked macaroni, graham cake, relyenong bangus, roasted pork, grilled pusit (squid), chicken lollipop and chopseuy. I need a cape so I can transform into a Super Cook! Haha! I might need to drink red bull for an extra energy. Hubby or Mom might be kind enough to lend a helping hand. The good thing is my whole family will be spending Christmas with us here! I'm so happy and this is the second year they'd be doing that, and it will surely be fun!

I’m saving my Christmas greeting guys! =)

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Happy Christmas :D