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Look Who's Here!

I knew they were coming. And they went straight here in our house after my mom and my eldest sister met with their mother somewhere in Monumento. I never expected that their mom would be "kind" enough to let her in-laws see my brother's twins since she run away from my mom's house more than a year ago.

But... she did. And I'm glad that the twins are okay. The eldest, Patrick Ace, was cute enough that he let me carried him around the house considering it's his first time to see me. But not with the youngest, Paolo Allen, he cried his heart out when Ate Len gave him to me and right on cue, my dearest brother called up and I said to him, "Paolo don't like me, I will only buy gifts for Patrick." I can sense a relieved sigh on his laugh. It is because we've been in difficult situation (as far as our relationship is concern). And me and youngest sister hardly talk to him after that.

I don't know yet the reaction of my sister. Besides, were the one who's battling out for our families pride and dignity before. Well, good thing I love my brother and the twins have nothing to do with our "war" with their mom, and this is the season of love and yes, I bought them a cute pair of pooh dresses. But the truth is - I'm happy to see them both.

The twins with their Tito and Tita

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