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My Saturday

Here goes my Saturday life:

  1. Waking up very weak and sleepy from our TV series marathon.
  2. Attend our company general assembly wearing a color coordinated get up in yellow.
  3. Received from our HR Manager one great news, bonus and perks! Yey!
  4. Find out that my father in law really needs a blood transfusion and a one time dialysis before that. And lots of new medicines to take.
  5. He will go to the hospital again sometime next week. This time to be admitted.
  6. I almost cried seeing my husband so sad.
  7. Promise hubby that I will donate blood this time but I need to go home after that or else I will faint again (it happened 9 years ago) if I ever smell any hospital related air.
  8. And we need all the prayers we can get to overcome all of this.
  9. Very happy and really uplifting news from my eldest sister. At least, it really made my night back to Aja, aja! mode again =)

Happy Weekend, friends! =)

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