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Too Hot to handle

Chase, our miniature pinscher suddenly feels the heat. That’s why he didn’t chew the shades I put on him while he’s resting on our bed. Ha-ha! That’s what I did all day long. We had a series of family meetings here and it was so hot outside that when the sun finally set, we are now busy doing some other things. It’s our mall-less weekend as hubby quips.

I’m looking for the free access online to watch Gossip girl 2009 episodes but hubby’s we-roam is giving me (again!) slow connection that I gave up searching.

I accompanied hubby to the nearest beauty parlor for his pedicure and hair cut. Since I am already there and I thought it would be better if I should have a new hair cut coz my long hair really bothers me during hot season. Hmmm… when it’s done, hubby said it looks good and I rely on his words for that. Ok then, it really looks good. What will happen after I take a bath tomorrow is another question. Will it be fabulous or a scary hair. Find out!

Even at night, the heat is burning up my skin that I craved for an ice cream after our parlor stint and we walked to the nearest 7-11 store, bought Selecta’s limited edition flavor of coffee-caramel ice cream and headed home. Yummy!

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1 shared their thoughts:

AiDiSan said...

hey! what a coincidence! my brother brought home a mini pinscher 2 weeks ago, his name is "Bornok". we are not pet lovers but we are loving "Bornok", he is a well behave and nice dog. i'll take a picture of him this weekend to feature him in my blog.