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Big Challenge

It’s the end of September.  And all of a sudden I thought of singing Greenday’s “Wake me up when September ends” =)We resumed our work and we're glad that the flooding here in Paranaque subsided.  The devastating outcome of typhoon “Ondoy” traumatized even young kids who suffered most from this massive flooding in most cities here in Metro Manila.  Even the nearby towns experienced landslides and mud flows aside from as high as house-deep floods.  What we saw in our TV and heard from radios showing the effects of the storm can make your knees weak from pity.  All the things, houses, the source of your income and precious life were lost because of what happened.  

When I saw in the news that major relief operations is needing volunteers to pack and distribute the relief goods, I wished I can go there to help.  But I have work and weekends are filled with things to do.  So I was happy to know that we have our company’s initiative relief drive to donate used clothes, medicines, foods and water to help our unfortunate countrymen.  We put a big box in the lobby and we gathered some used clothes and things from our houses and donate, it’s the least thing we can do to help.  We thought of going to Antipolo City to check on one of our office mate that was affected by the floods but he text us that they are alright and safe but their major problem is that there is no electricty and water on their area.

I know that it’s easier said than done.  But we hope that our countrymen can recover from this massive lost of property and lives.  God will always be there to help us get though from all these challenges. 

And today is my sister Glenda’s birthday.  She want to have it cash instead of treating her to a dinner today, and her wish is granted.  May she have many more birthdays to come, good health and happy life ahead of them.

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