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Ways to Celebrate

What are the ways to celebrate our wedding anniversary? We used to go out of town and spent it some special places but I don’t want this time because of the recent flooding that hit Metro Manila and the northern Luzon. We planned on going up to Baguio but I’m happy that we didn’t pursue the bookings. Palawan adventure is in the plan but we needed a 1-week vacation from the office and that’s not possible for us.

So we took a 2-day vacation leave and we did the celebration here in our home and by just going to some busy places like Mall of Asia. We played bowling and we stroll to the max. And on the day of our anniversary, we went to Divisoria. I know it’s kind of weird but I want to take that opportunity to buy some cheap stuff for December like the wholesale prices of Christmas wrappers, gift tags and bargaining on some baking utensils like muffin and cup cake pans. I never forget to buy new curtains for our room windows and wood chopping board and belts for my sister. We are so busy strolling around that after we went out to our last pit stop in Tutuban mall, it's dinner time already and we are so hungry! I can never compete on my hubby’s walking power and before I know it, my feet are really aching! But this was such a bonding moments for us. And I’m really happy to spend the whole day with him like this. Our very own special ways to celebrate our love and devotion. =)

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