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Easter Sunday Celebration

Parties and birthdays are some Easter Sunday celebrations I attended. It was a fun filled day for me and for the kids who attended my officemate’s son who turns one year old. Mico and Franzine came with me and my eldest sister because hubby wasn’t able to go with us. Two of my girl office mates were also there and it was more on adult dominated party because the kids are either too young or shy (like Franzine) to joined the games. It turned out to be an adult party when everybody was able to participate and had fun.

Franzine made some major changes. She’s not that shy anymore and when she turned four years old already, we noticed that she can now interact with other kids and were able to go near the mascot and sing a birthday song even when she’s away from us. She’s really growing up. We hope she can carry on like that till she can join the party games in the future like her elder cousins.

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