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Farm Life

The cool breeze in the garden was so perfect that we decided to eat lunch under the mango tree. I missed the time when we still living at Nayong Pilipino vicinity and my father created a round table near the fish pond and then we ate altogether during summer time. I still feel nostalgic when I think of our life before, my Papa had a big garden and if you sing the children song of “Bahay Kubo”, we had it all there in my father’s garden. That’s how good his green thumb is. As if we are living in a province within the city.

He still tending his garden now, though smaller compares to what we had before, but he managed to plant some fruit bearing trees, vegetables and raise some chickens and eggs too! And some exotic reptiles like turtles. I love talking to Papa about his interests and asking him about what we used to do before. It brings back the good old memories again.

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