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Vacation Mode

After my 6 days vacation, I felt that I still needed time to rest. I came to our office in a very sluggish mood. I felt I wanted to laid down and sleep more. But reality bites, I’m back to work again and I have nothing to do with it because it means that I have to use my vacation leave and I don’t want that. I have plans of an out of town vacation with hubby this June.

Or my lazy side is overpowering me and I’m thinking of resigning again on my job though I still needed it . We all know that it felt good to earn and save money from your own and you can sometimes help your family and buy things without asking from your hubby.

Its vacation time for the students and I wish we can also have a vacation of two months from work just like them. Haha! Aubrey and Mico are having the time of their life going from places to places enjoying their school off. But Aubrey still has summer practice as their school tennis player and I’m glad that she’s into sports right now. She even got an award on their recognition day and Vince was top 6 on their class. Vince is enrolled in basketball and summer swimming and I know he will enjoy every minute of it.

I’m glad that I have to say what’s on my mind on this post. I’m feeling better now =) This Friday is another public holiday and we have to enjoy yet another 3-day rest from work. I have to keep my spirit alive!! =)

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