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Our lines are down in the office for two days. And the most irritating part is we are included in the 2-hour rotating brownout yesterday and can you imagine being in a place that was so hot, no electricity, no internet, no music and we can only talked to each other and waste your time doing nothing and then going home feeling weak. If I have known that it will be the same today, I should have stay at home and do something more meaningful. Sleep? Rest? Ha-ha!

see? I'm kind of bored.. ha-ha!

While looking for some things to do to occupied our time, first picture with our new office mate (seated in the right), Gelai.

My online friends are asking me if I could come with them to Cathy’s shooting location in Pililia, Rizal today. The place is quite far and they will stay overnight and I’m afraid I can’t do that. If I were single and unavailable like them, perhaps I’m with them right now and going to the location shooting of our favorite artists. But I have to refrain doing that since I got married. Hubby is understanding and its okay with it, but I have stop myself. Self discipline is also a virtue =) I’ll just see them through the pictures they will post in our thread site.

Tonight, I can sleep late and wake up late tomorrow because it’s a public holiday! What a great feeling!:)

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