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Honey's Big Day

It’s my dearest husband’s birthday today. I wonder if there is anything I could buy him as my gift but I can’t really think of anything. When I woke up and I know that he’s already awake, I sing a happy birthday song on my hoarse voice while still lying on the bed and he said thank you! And I gave him my gift. After the party yesterday in Jollibee, we went straight to Mall of Asia and I bought the one thing I heard from him. It’s when he said that he doesn’t have any perfume anymore. And I know that Benetton hot is one of his favorite perfumes and that’s spare me from head ache on what to buy as a present.

I cooked spaghetti carbonara and I baked chocolate cupcakes for him that afternoon, my Aunt and Uncle come over and gave him a LEE shirt. I thought we will have no time to watch Clash of the Titans anymore but he said, we still have time and besides its Monday, no more people rush on the mall. And we watched the movie on a 7:15pm schedule with my sister, Reine and Mico.

We bought a mocca roll cake in Red Ribbon bake shop. And before the end of the day, we both shared a slice of cake before we went to sleep. I just wish him good health and I thank God for having him in my life.

Last Sunday night, went to Cowboy Grill and celebrate with his friend and my sister. We had an amazing night and we really enjoyed the live band. The best time to unwind. =)

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