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Pool Party!

After the get together event of Paul Jake and Cathy, I went straight to Pansol, Laguna for the yearly department outing of hubby. I was used to joined them every year and I also helped them cooked the food. I thought I can never make it this year because I had an event to attend that day but since the start of the pool party is in the evening, I brave myself to ride a bus (after a long long time) and went to a place with hubby as my guide.

But bad things happened, my cell phone battery is not doing well these days and I had no chance to charge it when I came home to get my things and my worst fear came true. It went off before I can text hubby that I already entered Calamba area. So I had to do something and that is to get off from the bus and look for some kind-hearted people in the store and beg them to at least let me charge my cell phone even for just 5 minutes, I know that hubby is worried that I’m not replying to his messages and my phone is unattended. I was so lucky that the old lady trusted me and charges my phone for 10 minutes! I was able to call my hubby and ride a jeep going to the place he mentioned.

Just like before, I had a great time with his office mates, I bonded with them well and joined in their tequila time in the pool and sing my heart out in the videoke. I went to sleep at 5am while hubby was still having a heart to heart talk with the other groups. Though there are many people who just can’t be happy even when most of their peers are, the outing was successful as ever. Till next year

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