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Travel Plans

I am thinking many times if I will push through with the plan of overnight swimming and a 24-hour hotel stay in Los Banos, Laguna for the two of us (hubby and I). My sister is in her don’t-mess-with-me-or-else mood and she won’t lend us her car. But it is okay if we can just take a bus ride and I think that will be more enjoyable than riding with car. The price of unleaded gas is soaring high (P45/liter) and its not advisable going to far places or else, you’re going to spend thousand of pesos for the gas only.

Camiguin Island

photo credits to owner

I’m telling hubby if we could book a cheap flight going to Camiguin Island via Cagayan de Oro City this June. I’m checking the Internet for the cheap fares and hotels to stay in both places but I guess all I can do is to check and browse the Internet and not putting my plans into action. Why because hubby’s department is still in transition and they had lots of projects to implement and he’s the main man. Imagine when you’re in the middle of your goodnight sleep then his phone will suddenly ring because their client in a far away United Kingdom is having a problem at work and not minding if his counter part is sleeping. I can only cover my ears with a pillow but still hearing them talking. My eye bags are getting bigger everyday. I need to put a fresh cucumber in my eyes or it will like I was punched in both eyes. So the plans will always be plans and I don’t know when it will be a reality.

But I'm keeping a high hopes. Maybe one day =)

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