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One of our favorite bosses in our company passed away last Sunday morning due to blood cancer. It was such a struggle on his part and he fought that deadly disease for more than a year now. We thought he surpassed the storm when we saw him in our office and smiling at us last year. He even attended our yearly Christmas gathering and he said to me that our team should perform in this year Christmas presentation. He really looked alright though he dropped 80% of his body weight.

Sir Tonet is the epitome of a good and helpful executive whom you can always rely on. I wish we can all have this kind of person in every company. But he is with our God now. And it’s time to let go.

He will lay to rest on Friday at Manila Memorial in Paranaque. Though we can’t be there because of work, I know he understands. Rest in peace, Sir Tonet, you will always be remembered.

with sir Tonet on last year's Christmas party

"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die."
Thomas Campbell

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