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Assembly Time

Even I’m in pain and hubby wanted me to stay home and go to the doctor to check on my left hand, I can’t just shake the feeling that we have an activity going on in our office and our company will have a 2nd general assembly this year. So I endure the pain, take a pain medicine, wrapped my hand with a bandage and went to the office.

It looks different, just like we had last Christmas party. The place was well decorated, the waiters were in their full uniforms and I can see that the food is catered. And my instinct kicks in, I just had that feeling that something new will happen, and I’m right. It was not an ordinary general assembly, there’s a raffle draw, the famous Barrio Fiesta restaurant was our caterer, the announcement that we will receive a P900 ($21.4) gift certificate from winning an award abroad, and our rainy company outing this September. We enjoyed the “bring me” games they held and most of us participated. We wished on having the grand raffle prize of a Lenovo laptop but we were just as happy like those who got the major prizes, some guys have all the luck.

my overflowing halo-halo :)))

filipino foods (kare-kare, chicken galantina, lechon kawali and pansit canton) from Barrio Fiesta

I know I will pay the price by stressing my hand again during our wall to wall counting but I can’t just leave them working by themselves, I need to help at least for some few hours. I hope it will be okay. I can’t spend my weekend crying over the pain in my left hand.

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2 shared their thoughts:

legal recruitment said...

Yum!! Chicken galantina looks so delicious. I want this tasty food item everyday breakfast. Thanks mate!

Tagalog Love Quotes said...

Tagalog Love Quotes: Wow ang sarap naman nung halo halo...kahit tag-ulan ngayon parang gusto kumain nun..hehe.