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Shots and Lunch

I am so lazy to wake up early and at the back of my mind saying “its weekend, I deserve to sleep longer” but having a baby who wakes up early everyday and just keep pinching your face, I don’t think I will ever get my wish for now. And we also had our 2nd shot on HPV vaccine yesterday at the office so I need to do things faster. I’ve met with my girl colleagues and as planned we went to eat at Serye Restaurant where we crave and ordered for the boneless crispy pata. We can feel the pain in our left arms with the vaccine finally seeping in but no one can stop us to enjoy the delicious foods in front of us. We finished our meal with a dessert called mango rhum cake and I wonder if I can make that cake in the future.

We headed to a nearby Shopwise super mart and little Hail suddenly asked her mom if Chelle and I are her godmother. We laughed and decided to play along but we end up buying her a pair of Dora sandals in which we saw how happy she was with that simple gesture. Even with simple things we gave them, they will reward you with their prettiest smile and cute thank you’s. We end up buying in a bakery supplies for my baking needs like parchment paper and a pie pan. I have this urge to bake again.

Happy Weekend!

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