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My husband wants to buy new sets of clothes.  He kept on saying that its time to change his wardrobe now that his new job requires constant out of the office business or client meetings, site inspections and management meetings. All of his casual shirts are quite outdated and he needed some chic clothes.  Since he has less time to shop on weekdays and during weekends he probably want to spent his time with us and the whole family so he said he should check on some online shop and Ethical Ocean does all the job.  Now, he’s more excited than I am when it comes to shopping.  He keeps on telling me that he saves a lot of time. 


One thing he likes to do is to buy biodegradable products.  It’s been quite an environmental issues and helping save our environment in our own way can make a big difference. It felt so good knowing that you can help and that’s why we shop during the day that a certain mall uses only paper bags in replace of their usual plastic bags.  I just hope that many can realize the real value of doing that.  We can still save the world if we practice discipline in handling our waste.  

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