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Birthday Leave

It’s my birthday leave yesterday and as I promised to my best friend, I went to their house in las pinas and bring along baby Nathan with me. I guess it her deal to bring Nathan with me because she can only see Nathan on my album in Face book. I’m afraid that Nathan will not go to her because she is new to him but my buddy proves otherwise. She makes friends with Nathan right away by giving him some of Angel’s toys and Nathan was very happy with that. I also bring my eldest sister with me because we will go to SM later that day and I didn’t bring Nate’s stroller with us.

How my friend wishes for another baby but they are having a difficult time conceiving after Angel. We talked about many other things while Nathan’s played with Angel’s angry bird collections. But suddenly Nathan’s feel asleep and we decided to just wait with my friend so she can drop us in SM before she goes to pick up Angel in her school. But we just had a deal before we separate, we need to lose weight before Nathan’s first birthday! Haha! Good luck! But we agreed on a free dinner on whoever wins this deal. I really need to focus on this. He he.

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