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It was so intense that I literally crying in our bed and I keep on sending messages to hubby to come home.  My left hand suddenly felt the pain and I lose the grip on my fingers because of that.  Every time I move it, the pain sent something within insides of my body and I really wanted to cry out loud.  Nathan moves fast around our bed and I'm so worried that I might not get a hold on him if he goes at the edge and fall.  So I pick him up and give him to my mother in law telling them my left hand is in real pain.  I really can’t move and I sent a text message to our neighbor who knows how to do the traditional massage. When she came to our room, I was silently crying that she was shocked to see that my hand swelled like that, she talks about the cold and my hands were tired and stressed that I get them wet, but I knew it might be something else. 

And so I pleaded, I begged and I kept drinking water when she began stroking my hand, It was so painful that I think I'll die if she continue doing it.  But I can imagine that after that torture massage, my left hand felt good and she wrapped it with a bandage and told me not to wash my left hand for 1 day. Oh my! But i'll take her advise, I dont want to experience that kind of pain ever again.  After a while I took a pain medicine and thank God I sleep well that night feeling only the slightest pain. :)

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