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Hot Rainy Days

We were supposed to feel the cold weather since it keeps raining every afternoon, but no, we are experiencing the opposite. Majority of our warehouse air conditioners failed and were put on standby for repair so when it rains, the heat of the soil and the cement just come out leaving us in a very irritable situation while working. The electric fan were using doesn’t help and I wonder how can you ever work on such environment?

But good thing we can always think of how we can fight the heat in our working place. My colleague suggested buying an ice cream, but since not everybody can contribute, we decided to buy an ice cream cone. It was such a reliever and we can only wish there’s a refreshment area in our office canteen. But there’s none and we have to buy in the nearest Mercury Drug outlet. But at least it helps, and I wonder how many more ice cream we will consume before they can fix our aircon. May somebody help us.

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