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Celebrating my Special day

A minute after 12mn, hubby suddenly played children birthday song to my amazement, he’s been quite for sometime but I’m not expecting anything from him since he already gave me all the things I wished for. But knowing my hubby, he will not celebrate my birthday without anything to give to his beloved wife. And then he asked for my old Samsung mp3 that’s not working perfectly well now since I always drop it countless of time, I remember asking him to replace it but I thought I can still use it so I didn’t press the matter to him.

But when he said that my mp3 really looked old I noticed a shining mp3 beside our bed and I scream, wow! Because it’s not just an ordinary mp3, it’s the latest iPod nano! I couldn’t be happier having a new mp3 and just the same, hubby gave it to me. I so love my husband. He never fails to surprise me.

Later that night we went to Zensai Spa in BF Paranaque to use the vouchers I purchased online. We attended the mass nearby and we decided to walk going to the spa. It has a Japanese ambiance, and we went to a little house that looks like an old Japanese houses before and the only thing I wished they have is the shower room before the spa because I feel so sticky hot. But the free collagen mask was very refreshing and really cools me. I gave their massage a 7/10; I still prefer the old “hilot” style.

We ate at Shakey’s pizza to avail my free large pizza because I have a shakeys card. My sister and niece wait for us in the house to celebrate my birthday and us rock and roll in our videoke singing our hearts out. Most of my friends greet me in face book and twitter and I’m so happy having friends that I can get along so well. It’s been a blast and I thank God for all the wonderful blessings and a supportive family. More blessings to come!

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