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♥ 10th Month! ♥

Carl Nathan is celebrating his 10th month today and 2 month more and he will be celebrating his much awaited first birthday! Hubby and I went to Quiapo since we missed going to this place for quite some time now.  We never forget to buy pansit hubby’s favorite Chinese restaurant in Ongpin before we headed home and stop to the nearest Goldilocks store to get his cake. 


And there he is, smiling at us and so happy to see his Mom and Dad.  I changed his clothes and he’s all willing to drive his car and pose for the souvenir pictures.  My family came to celebrate with us and they all noticed that Nathan is growing fast.  He is such a happy child and he never fails to brighten our day.  

Happy 10th month Nathan! We love you so much! 

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