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GOD will make a way

I cried because I feel helpless that time.  All the things that I kept deep inside suddenly came up and I poured my heart out to someone that I know in the end will either seal the final nail or gave me something to hold on to.  But I know that it is “I’m just doing my job” thing will be the best answer.  There’s nowhere to turn but to fight. To accept that in order to make you whole again you have to fight for the right thing in the right manner and in the right place.

In their minds, we are wrong, we will always be wrong.  There are some people who takes one’s happiness so they will feel happy.  Like a Dementors in Harry Potter books. They live in other’s pain and misery.  They will never stop until you were drain of peace, hope and happiness and then it will glorify them.  I see those people, I even befriended some.  I even share foods and happy stories with them.  They are everywhere.

But you know, God will always be there for you, for us.  Even when you are in the darkest place and nowhere to go.  God will create light and make a way.  He will never leave us.  He will show us that after all the pain, happiness and joy will follow. 

I never expected to received such a great news.  I only prepared for the worst at the end of the week.  But now, I am looking forward for next week.  Because next week is my new hope, my new life, my moving on moment, my healing answer.  And I thank God for the people behind this.  I will be back standing tall again and I will celebrate with the people who I never expected will be on my side.  I will never ever forget them. Thank you, God, for my family, friends, and supporters that giving me encouragement and hope.

Thank you, God, for everything, for being forgiving, for the trust, for the never-ending love, and carrying me when sometimes it’s too heavy to continue.  I will not fill my heart with hatred because it will never help me heal.  And I wanted to heal.  God will help me heal and He will always guide my way. 

To God be the glory! 

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