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As the day passes by, I’m starting to realize that you and your family and with your true and closest friends will be the only one left on this battle.

I’m learning to accept the fact that we will never be going back to where we are before.  A happy strong and happy team. And that I can never work with the people whom you think will depend you through the worst but the first one to run when the toughs get going.  I can never bear to see their faces and pretend that they are just doing their job. 

But I am so grateful that this very moment proves that no matter how hard it is and how you keep tumbling down the hill, they will fight and stay on your side and they will support you all the way - my family.

My family never leaves me, never judge me, never criticize me and never leave my side.  Instead they help me step by step so I can accept and move on.  They help me fight the right thing, to be strong and to regain and bring back my confidence. 

I have a few real friends and gained another one.  When these things happened, they show me and supported me and help me to realize that there is life after all the hurt.

I know the real concern from the one who are just getting new updates or just asking me how do I feel. I found out that there are people who will just stand and look at you to fight your own battle.  They will never say anything, just looking at you with the eyes you will never forget and the words you hope they never said.

I will be forever thankful for the love of my family, for the love of God, for the real concerns of my friends, for giving me an extended hand when I needed it most. And for those who believes in me, I will never forget you and you know who you are.

We will never stop believing and we will fight till the end. God is good all the time. 

God bless you all!

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