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Think Food

I fear that a month long of being at home will make me realize that I don’t want to go back to work anymore.  My creative mind has this inner urge deep inside of me that maybe it’s about time to continue the food business I really wanted to start with years ago.

I begin on the pre-order of the delicious longganisa (it’s a native sausage made from the Philippines) with the variety of spices enough to make it as one of the favorite food on the table especially during breakfast.

But for us, we can eat it any time of the day.  With fried eggs and fried rice and fresh red tomatoes, your life is in heaven! 😊

I hope I can be able to make a pre-ordered cooked viand with the help of my colleague who leave near our place in time for lunch.  Or a baked goodies in time for Valentines day. 

I just need to bring my mind back to its shape and in God’s will, this is the right moment to move on.

uncooked longganisa

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