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My hubby gave me a Nubone acoustic guitar 4 years ago, but though the guitar is super nice and pretty, it was quite big for me, I’m having a hard time finishing off some few songs and my arms were numb already. And I admit I’ve been neglecting playing my guitar because of this and I’m quite busy doing some other things like watching Asian dramas, reading and working.

I was quite surprised when we stopped on a music store in mall of Asia last Friday. He pointed at some guitars on display and asked me I like to have another one that fits me. At first I said no, I don’t want it because I still have my old guitar (that still look like new) and I want him to sell it first before buying a new one. But he is persistent and said that he will use my old guitar so he can learn playing guitar also. I gave in and choose this wonderful and cute guitar that just right for me. I really love it. I’m thinking this might be his early birthday present from him and I’m wondering if he will still buy me my Elba oven (lol!).

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