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Cry Baby

I need to hide my tears from hubby. I know if he saw me crying he will surely tease me. Of course I can’t help but cry while watching Jerry Yan’s drama entitled “Starlit” It was so heart breaking that I couldn't control my emotions. And so I get a tissue and wipe my tears as discreetly as I can while hubby is busy reading his emails. I also tried not to sniff or he can hear it and will ask why. You have to watch this Taiwan series and see for yourself. You must have a stone heart if you don’t find some scenes really heart warming, happy and sad. It’s a story of an extra ordinary love and I know somewhere you can find this story true to some other people. I like Jerry Yan and this drama deserves him a big round of applause.

Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan in Taiwan's "Starlit"

And the sound tracks are so good I downloaded it from a friendly site. I am looking for the Twinkle Little Star music sheet in Jerry Yan’s version. I hope I can play it on my piano ( I wish!) =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

naku alam mo kahit alam kong maganda to nde ako nag attempt panoorin kasi alam ko ending eh. pero d ba ang laki ng improvement ng acting ni jerry yan d ba?

panoorin mo rin ung the hospital. magaling din acting nya dun.