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On Leave

I don’t know if I can be able to blog after today, we will be heading tonight to Pampanga for tomorrow’s 40th day after death of Tatay.  Hubby opted to do it there since the majority of his relatives (well, almost) are residing there and his cousin arranged the church mass for Tatay at the early morning of 6am (that early!). The original plan is we will be heading north tomorrow morning but when I check hubby’s text messages I told him that his cousin said that the mass will be on 6 am and not 6 pm as he earlier stated.  He was shocked when his cousin confirmed the schedule.  Hubby is not an early riser so I’m wishing him good luck for tomorrow’s schedule (lol!).  I just hope it will not be that traffic on the way there but I know I’m only wishing for a miracle.  It keeps on raining (heavy) the whole day and here in Manila, rain means traffic (super heavy).


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