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Now that hubby’s internet connection (at home) is finally working, I will be able to watch my favorite Asian dramas online.  I already finished watching Hana Yori Dango (part 1 & 2) theJapan’s version of the famous manga (Boys Over Flowers in Korea), and now I completed watching the three versions (one from Taiwan) and don’t make me compare the three, I like them all simply because I’m a drama addict and I really want a happy ending stories.  I admit, Korean actors in this series are the most gorgeous looking (for me) and they squeeze the whole story for just 25 episodes and I really like it.

credits to picture owner 

One thing to find one good drama stories is to look for some opinions over the net, so I won’t waste my time watching first few episodes and then drop the whole thing because the story is dragging, boring and unimaginable. There still those actors and actresses that possesses only the good looks but can’t really act or they can act but the story line is wasted. I found some good drama recommendation from pinoyexchange.com plus lots of tiny bits of information from our favorite Asian actors and plenty of photos too!


Whoa! Those are the days …… and it’s really keeping me busy.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

adik. hahaha. isa lang masasabi ko jan. sa tatlong yan - mg, hyd, bof - ung katriangle ng bida. haha. si lei, rui, at ji hoo. amen. hehe. watch mo din ung hanakimi japanese version si rui bida dun eh. maganda din sya. gusto mo nood sa aznv.tv. bigyan kita invite. kaso pag mabagal net no pangit gamitin ung player nila eh.