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Transformer Two

Hubby is such a sweet guy, he already watched the movie (through company sponsored invitation) but he still accompanies me and Aubrey at the Mall of Asia to watch Transformer 2! Now see this movie schedule.

No other movies, just the autobots and the megatrons are there to enjoy!

But what I hated most in watching every mega hit movies is the long line just to buy tickets and the long wait and super long lines before you can enter the movie house. I just wish SM Cinemas would stop doing this. You can’t even stroll around because you have to wait in the line just to have better seats inside. Gosh, why can’t they have a reserved seats process just like in Ayala Cinemas? In free seating movies like that, all your time will be wasted to think you are paying more that the normal movie fees.

These are the long line of people waiting at the entrance last night including us. It will be easier to their customers if they have reserved seating, right? Paging SM Cinemas!

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