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Why You?

If you happen to inform your boss that you had received an invitation to attend a special seminar/training that’s really important in your line of work and all he can reply is “I’m okay with that.  But I guess you have to answer this question, why you?” 

For me it implies many obvious reasons but I can’t voice them all out because I might touch some sensitive issues.  You will be caught off guarded of course, questions will race into your mind like, “why not me?” and “What do you want to imply?” or “How will I answer you?” 

It was quite a tricky question that needs tricky answers.  Or much better if you will just charge it in your experience.  After all, I received a message that they are on the way to the place where the seminar/training will be held.  

I will not need to receive that kind of questions for I can’t promise I will not answer it harshly too. When all you can do is to go straight to your point, whatever it is…right? 

Huh! Politics can drive you insane sometimes…really.

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3 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

sino sumagot sa u nun? si D. yaan mo na. charge to experience na lang.

Mye said...

hindi, kay hubby un.. heheh, naiinis lang me kaya ako napapost ng ganun (haha!)

About Me said...

Not drive you insane mye.. but will really drive you insane.. kainis kaya yun..

If ever happens to me, I will surely ask "Why not me?" I think I need an explanation first on the question before I answer it.

Or better to tell.. "Where do you want me to start my answer?"