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One Pine night

Pineapple is being sold in Tagaytay for as low as P10 ($0.20) per piece.  When we went there last Saturday, I bought 10 pieces of pineapple. I gave one each to my family and the rest we brought it home.  Last night, hubby told me to make a pineapple preserves because it's one of his favorite bread jam.  I told him I never tried to do it ever.  But he said cooking it is so basic and I thought I should give it a try.  The hard parts in making pineapple preserves are the peeling of pineapple, takings its eyes and grate it to refine.  And yes, I’m patiently doing it step by step while waiting for hubby to arrive from work and for my Asian drama to finish buffering in mysoju.com. 


I just don’t like  the continuous stirring for almost 20-25 minutes till it cooked and the syrup thickens.  It's so hot in front of the gas stove making my head ache. But it's done now and the verdict will be on my hubby's hands once he taste my first ever pineapple preserves. A yes or a no? (he-he)

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