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It's been my living nightmare riding in a ferris wheel. Sounds funny though but I’m really scared riding on it since I was little. No matter how I tried to overcome my fear, I would go shouting on the operator to stop the machine and let me down. My family keeps on laughing that I am such a brave woman and yet only a simple ferris wheel can made me cry like a baby.

I don’t know why but I can’t say that I’m afraid of heights, I can ride a plane without hesitation but on the ferris wheel, I felt my heart and the insides of my stomach will come out of my body especially when the ferris wheel start make its round. Going down is the most difficult. I really can’t take it.

But last night, hubby told me that the balloon wheel in Mall of Asia is not that high and it’s covered and even a small baby can ride on it. He said it’s time to conquer my fear. He bought three tickets for both of us and for my sister. I still have the heart to have my picture taken while waiting and the operator said we can ride each balloon separately, I said “What?!”

But they cheered me on so I said yes (I’m brave, see? Lol!) But when I’m alone there I felt the acids stormed out of my throat when it was moving up, I shout at my sister that It’s quite high and told the operator that he should make it slower. They keep on waving at me and I have to brave myself, keep my eyes open and take a deep breath. Suddenly, I relax and was able to finish the 4 minutes run of the ferris wheel. I feel great. But it doesn’t mean I would try that mountain high ferris wheel on the carnival, no way!

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