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Signal No. 2

Typhoon Peria massive winds raised Signal no. 2 in Metro Manila together with the many provinces.  The Dept. of Education declared a suspension of classes in elementary and high school and I wonder if my company will suspend our remaining hours of work (he-he, asa pa!) because it keeps on raining outside and I have no jacket with me (again!)  Weather is very unpredictable and I thought that it will not be this cold because it wasn’t raining when I went out of the house this morning.


And now, while browsing some local news on the net, this storm kills almost five people, some are missing and brought landslides, flash floods and power interruption  over the central Philippines ( I pray that there will be no power cuts on our area, please!) Carrying massive winds of 83km/hr, typhoon Peria destroyed houses and crops and local flights are cancelled, some vessels are stranded and so are some passengers. 


Let’s pray for our safety and the safety of our countrymen especially in the Visayas and Mindanao region.  As I talked to Vince over the phone, he said.. “Rain, rain..go away.”

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